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Shim-pack HR-ODS

The Shim-pack HR-ODS column is capable of higher resolution analysis with conventional HPLC systems. With a packing material particle size of 3 μm, a high theoretical plate number of approximately 30,000 can be achieved with conventional HPLC while minimizing the pressure applied to the column.

Since existing HPLC equipment can be used, and handling is comparable to a conventional column, the Shim-pack HR-ODS clearly a user-friendly, high-resolution column.

Achieves a resolution comparable to an UHPLC column but at approximately 3/5 the pressure

Designed to meet demands for easy, high-resolution analysis with existing HPLC systems, the Shim-pack HR-ODS 250 mmL. × 3 mmI.D. column achieves resolution comparable to UHPLC columns. The following example shows a comparison with a UHPLC column. Comparing the 7th peaks, both have a theoretical plate number in excess of 30,000, and it is evident that the Shim-pack HR-ODS achieves resolution comparable with the UHPLC column. Furthermore, since the pressure of approximately 32 MPa is restrained to about 3/5 that of the UHPLC column, it is clear that this column can be used even with general-purpose HPLC.

Sample analysis with a conventional system taking advantage of the high resolution

The Shim-pack HR-ODS enables high resolution, comparable with UHPLC, even with a conventional HPLC system. As an example acid degraded reserpine was analyzed as an impurity. Since the pressure on the system is about 30 MPa or less, it is evident that high resolution can be achieved even with a conventional HPLC system.


The Shim-pack HR-ODS lineup features the sizes outlined below. In addition to the long 250 mm size intended for high-resolution analyses, 100 mm and 150 mm sizes are also available. These columns provide shorter analysis times than conventional analysis columns with a packing material particle size of 5 μm. Shimadzu is able to provide the optimal column to suit your objective, whether that is high resolution with a conventional HPLC system or shorter analysis times.

Column Particle
2.1 mmI.D. 3.0 mmI.D.
3.0 μm 50 MPa 100 mm
150 mm
200 mm


Shim-pack HR-ODS

Column Particle
Surface modification pH
Maximum pressure
(as a guide)
Maximum temperature
3.0 μm 10 nm - - 50 Mpa -

* Appearance and specifications are subject to change without

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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