Constant-Temperature Measurement

Example of Measurement of Serum Cholinesterase Activity

The following accessories are used for biological
component measurement, enzymatic activity
measurement and reaction rate analysis for
which the sample must be kept at a constant
temperature. The figure shows an example in
which enzymatic activities are measured using
the CPS-240A cell positioner, 6 cell-thermoelectrical
temperature controller. The reactions in the six cells
were measured in parallel in a measurement time
of 200 seconds.

CPS-240A Cell Positioner,6 Cell-Thermoelectrical Temperature Controller

This accessory automatically switches

measurement between the six cells to
ensure efficient measurement. Accurate
temperature conditions can be maintained
without the need for circulation of cooling water.

  • For UVmini series, UV-1800/2450/2550/2600/2700/3600

*) Square cells are not included in the standard package. Please purchase separately.

*) When used on the UV-1800, the CPS USB adapter is required.

TCC-240A Thermoelectrically Temperature Controlled Cell Holder

This easy-to-use cell holder uses a Peltier

element to electronically control the temperature,
so no external thermostatic bath or cooling water
circulation is required.

  • For UVmini series, UV-1800/2450/2550/2600/2700/3600

*) Square cells are not included in the standard package. Please purchase separately.

*) The stirrer is optional. Please purchase separately.

Constant-Temperature Cell Holder

This holder holds the sample cell at the desired,
uniform temperature by circulating constant-temperature
water. It accepts a pair of 10 mm square cells.

  • For UVmini series, UV-1800/2450/2550/2600/2700/3600

*) When used on the UVmini series, the sample compartment unit is required.

S-1700 Thermoelectric Single Cell Holder

This cell holder enables setting of the temperature

program to raise and lower the sample cell
temperature. The thermoelectric system
enables the sample temperature to be controlled
between 0 and 110 °C. A stirrer is also provided
to ensure uniform temperature distribution throughout the cell.

  • For UVmini series, UV-1800/2450/2550/2600/2700/3600

*) Temperature is not controlled on the reference side.

*) Cooling water circulation is required for cooling the Peltier element. Though tap water can be used for cooling, the following conditions must be satisfied to elicit the maximum performance of the instrument. Use of a commercially available constant-temperature water circulator is recommended.

  • Cooling water temperature: 20±2 °C
  • Flow rate: 4.8 L/min or more

*) Cells are not provided. The following 10 mm square cell with a stopper (made by Hellma) is required.

Type Optical Path Length Minimum Required Sample Volume
110-QS-10 10 mm 3.5 mL
115B-QS-10 10 mm 400 µL
NTT-2200PP Constant-Temperature Water Circulator

This accessory circulates temperature-controlled

water to a constant-temperature cell holder.

  • Temperature control range: 35 to 80°C
    (ambient +5 to +80°C at room temperature 30°C or more)
  • Temperature control precision: ±0.05°C or more
  • Max. pump circulation rate: 27/31 L/min
  • Max. pump head: 9.5/13 m (50/60 Hz)
  • External circulation nozzle: 10.5 mm O.D. (both outlet and return)
  • Tank capacity: Approx. 10 L (9 L during operation)
  • Standard accessories: Lid with handles, hose 4 m (I.D. 8 mm dia., O.D. 12 mm dia.), 4 hose clamps, Instruction Manual
  • Size: 270W x 560H x 400D (mm)
  • Power requirements: 100 VAC, 1250 VA, with 1.7 m power cable and grounded plug

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