Easy Operation

Easy Operation

Graphical User Interface

The intuitive user interface permits complex measurements and analysis conditions settings with simple button clicks.

【Measurement Mode】

【1】 Simple design of fiber placements

【2】 The set fiber placements are reflected on the trend graph and map during measurements.

【Analysis Mode】

【1】 Comprehensive data processing functions

Features a variety of analysis and processing tools, including independent component analysis (ICA*3), frequency filters, task addition, channel addition, centroid and integral analysis.

【2】 Statistical analysis functions

General linear model (GLM) statistical processing offers simple statistical analysis and evaluations at the point of measurement.

【3】Multi-distance functions

Combining short-distance measurements reduces the effects of scalp blood flow and other extra signals.

【4】Batch processing functions

Permits batch processing with predetermined analysis procedures.

【5】Data output functions

Permits output as text files (compatible with NIRS-SPM).

【6】Data continuity

FOIRE Series data can be loaded to make use of past data. *3 Patented in Japan 04379155

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