Extensive support for creating MRM methods

Creation of Automatic Scan/SIM Table (COAST)

Smart MRM makes method development quick and easy. Whether starting from scratch to optimize transitions and collision energies for new compounds, or starting from an MRM database of known target analytes to build a custom MRM method, Smart MRM takes the stress an difficulty out of method development.

Compounds and Optimized Transitions  -Smart Database-

The Shimadzu “Smart Database” is a database of related compounds (e.g. pesticides, drugs, metabolites, etc.) with optimized transitions and collision energies, CAS registry numbers, and Retention Indices (RI) . The user can select from hundreds of pre-registered compounds in one of the “Smart Database” files, or add their own optimized transitions. The user selects the compounds to be analyzed, and Smart MRM builds the MRM or Scan/MRM acquisition method from the “Smart Database” with the push of a button.

Automatic Method Creation  -Smart MRM-

Shimadzu’s Smart MRM technology creates MRM and Scan/MRM methods by automatically adjusting the analytical dwell times for each transition in a method. For multi-component analyses, with hundreds of compounds and up to 32,768 transitions, adjusting the loop and dwell times for optimum sensitivity can be complex and difficult.

Optimize MRM Transitions Automatically  -MRM Optimization Tool-

Determining and optimizing MRM transitions for new compounds can require significant development time. The “MRM Optimization Tool“ automates the process by collecting product ion scan data and finding the optimum collision energy for each transition. Once established, the transitions are registered to one of the Shimadzu “Smart Database” files, and the MRM or Scan/MRM methods are created using Smart MRM.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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