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Nexera Method Scouting System + LabSolutions MD
The complete solution for Method Development

Key Features

  • Automated analytical HPLC method development and optimization following the “Quality-by-Design” (QbD) principle using Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Automated method scouting, computer simulation and color-coded heat-maps of the design space enable effortless identification of robust method conditions
  • Integrated database management of the method development process ensures data integrity

The Fine Art of Method Development
Analytical Quality by Design as proposed by the ICH

User Benefits

  • Intuitive graphical user interface ensures user-friendly, quick and easy system setup
  • Automated screening of various method parameters, according to a chosen multifactorial experimental design
  • Accurate retention modelling, even with limited input data
  • Automated batch creation, statistical evaluation and intuitive reporting, all in a LabSolutions database, ensuring data integrity

Developed with the customer in mind

Analytical Intelligence functions simplify lab management and enable higher productivity with maximum reliability 

Using new and exciting technologies to increase throughput, improve accuracy and protect valuable columns, Shimadzu is delivering what is required for continued success. Not just artificial intelligence - Analytical Intelligence.

Nexera’s Analytical Intelligence engine is able to detect and resolve critical issues automatically, providing a new level of UHPLC performance.


Method Development Solution


Efficient method development based on Analytical Quality by Design


AQbD based method development for pharmaceutical impurities


Column evaluation using a Design Space

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