GC Driver for OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition Ver. 1.00

Supports GC-2010/2010 Plus/2014/Tracera  

Control of Shimadzu’s GC-2010, GC-2010 Plus and GC-2014 by OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition is now available with the adoption of Agilent’s RC.Net driver standard. Shimadzu GC control parameters are set through the Instrument Setup embedded in OpenLAB software. The software stores and handles these parameters as standard OpenLAB method files so that the instruments are directly controlled by OpenLAB. - Tracera system control (BID detector) - AOC-20i/20i+s control - Dual AOC tower support - GC system check

Digital Data Acquisition for Enhanced Reliability

Acquisition screen

In addition to seamless system control, the detector signal is digitally transmitted to the data system. Furthermore, system status information, such as carrier gas pressures and column oven temperature, are monitored and recorded as AUX Trace along with chromatograms, ensuring reliable analytical data. OpenLAB Instrument Status enables direct control of GC system On/Off and detector On/Off. In addition, checking the GC system instrument consumable parts usage is also possible.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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