Easy-to-use software (G31 series)

Easy-to-use software (G31 series)

The main sequence of operations is laid out in a way that is easy to visualize, so the system can be used easily by anyone.

  1. In simple mode, tests can be performed by setting the test force and retention time.
  2. The objective lenses and indenters can be switched with a single click.*1
  3. Autofocus can be performed with a single click.*2
  4. The instrument switches to a high-magnification lens automatically when the indentation is small.*1
  5. Image quality adjustments are easy in the test window.
  6. Each function is easily accessed with large icons.
  7. Sample surface conditions (cylindrical or spherical) are easily configured.
  8. The pattern can be easily checked with the preview function.
  9. The assist function simplifies the setting of conditions.
  10. For convenience, conditions and results are simultaneously displayed.
  11. The test position can be checked easily before testing.
  12. Patterns can be created without using special software.
  13. If there are scratches at the test position, and the indentation cannot be read, then a new position is specified and the test performed again.
  14. Statistical results are displayed simultaneously.

*1 Electric turret required
*2 Compatible only with FA models

Word Report Function 

A test results report is created automatically in Word format. Creating a template (.dotx format) in advance enables reports to be created automatically in an original layout.

* Microsoft Word 2016 or later is required to change the la yout.
* Direct conversion to PDF files is possible even if Word ha s not been installed on the PC.


Improving the Reliability of Test Results Data 

Managing the Data from a Server PC is Preferred

- The results are saved automatically
- They can also be saved to a PC on the network.

Managing who Did the Testing is Preferred
Were the results from manual measurements altered arbitrarily?

- Saving the name of the experimenter
- Password restrictions on manual measurements



Image Quality Adjustment Function for Each Lens 

If the camera image brightness and other visual qualities are changed for each lens, the image quality adjustments (such as brightness and contrast) can be saved separately.


Routine Inspection Graphs

Data graphs can be created just by selecting the daily results.

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